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Azerbaijan Showcases its Tourism Potential in Turkey

In an effort to promote its tourism opportunities, Azerbaijan has commenced a significant showcase at the 27th East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition (EMITT). The exhibition, taking place from the 6th to the 9th of February in Istanbul, Turkey, is organized by Azerbaijan’s State Tourism Agency and the Tourism Board. This represents an important step towards reinforcing Azerbaijan as a desirable global tourist destination.

The EMITT exhibition is a well-established platform that attracts various stakeholders in the tourism industry from around the world. Therefore, Azerbaijan’s participation in this event places it in the midst of international tourism dialogue and business networking. The national stand of Azerbaijan at EMITT is extensive, informative, and engaging, presenting a broad-spectrum representation of country’s tourism assets.

At the Azerbaijan’s national stand, visitors can explore the services provided by six of Azerbaijan’s premier tourism companies, two top hotel groups and the national aviation company – Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC. The diversity of the exhibitors attests to Azerbaijan’s growing competitiveness in the tourism sector – boasting a variety of offerings, from hospitality to transportation.

Not limiting itself to merely portraying the current state of Azerbaijani tourism, the national stand also serves as a prospectus of future possibilities. Visitors can glean information on the burgeoning sectors such as mountain-ski travel, gastronomy and the winery industry. This focus on specialized tourism, speaks to the country’s dynamic approach to growth and the nurturing of diverse sectors within tourism industry.

Winter tourism, an increasingly popular niche, is another sector where Azerbaijan is keen on promoting. Opportunities for snow themed vacations in Azerbaijan is given significant emphasis at the national stand, with ample information available for interested parties. The country is home to a number of must-see winter destinations equipped with modern facilities specifically catered to cold-weather activities.

Apart from the exhibition, key members of the Azerbaijani delegation are also focused on fostering direct business relationships at the event. Representatives from Azerbaijan held face-to-face meetings in a B2B format with their counterparts from Turkey and other participating countries. The intent is to build fruitful partnerships, foster mutual understanding and promote greater business between Azerbaijan and these countries.

In particular, Azerbaijan is keen on showcasing its business tourism opportunities. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events (MICE) tourism is a prominent branch of tourism in Azerbaijan. Through such endeavors, Azerbaijan aspires to cement itself as an ideal destination for international corporations to host their events, by touting the country’s modern infrastructure, its warm hospitality, and its unique blend of historical charm and contemporary allure.

The EMITT exhibition features a raft of stands from diverse countries. More than 300 stands that have been set up belong to countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Japan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus amongst others. This is a testament to the wide-ranging nature of EMITT as a platform for international representation. Through such events, participants and attendees can gain first-hand knowledge on international tourism scenes, thus broadening their understanding of the industry and the global market.

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