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Turkish Airlines unveils its digital product TK Wallet

turkish airlines tk wallet
Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Commercial Officer, Turkish Airlines

In an era of digital transformation, airlines are working tirelessly to improve customer experience by providing more secure, intuitive, and efficient digital services. Among the airlines striving to up their technology game is Turkish Airlines who have recently introduced another state-of-the-art digital solution for their passengers – the TK Wallet.

Turkish Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, Ahmet Olmuştur, in his statement, highlighted the company’s commitment to upholding its digitalization objectives. He mentioned, “We have been continuously upgrading ourselves to implement applications and services that make travelling more convenient for our passengers. We consistently aim to make our services more accessible and persistently introduce innovations aimed at augmenting the comfort level of our guests’ travel experiences. With this in mind, we have assimilated TK Wallet into our range of digital payment options, this can be accessed through both our mobile application and website.”

The TK Wallet serves as a new payment method that allows the Miles&Smiles members of Turkish Airlines to execute payments and receive refunds more quickly.

What sets the TK Wallet apart is its singular offer that enables passengers to earn TK Money over and above the refund amount for tickets and additional service purchases they make through the Airlines’ mobile application and on the website. This adds a new dimension to the passengers’ booking and payment procedures, making it more rewarding.

All the refund transactions via TK Wallet result in passengers earning TK Money. The Wallet accepts four different currencies: Turkish Lira, Euro, US dollar, and British pound. The passengers can swiftly and securely use the TK Wallet across all online channels of Turkish Airlines for purchase and refund transactions.

The TK Wallet is a groundbreaking move by Turkish Airlines in advancing their digital services. This introduction of an in-house digital wallet not only modernizes the payment and refund procedures for Turkish Airlines but also enhances the overall customer journey, making it more lucrative for passengers. This commitment to driving digital transformation while prioritizing customer experience reifies Turkish Airlines’ standing as a forward-thinking global airline.

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