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Two of the Most Visited Cities in the World are in Turkey

International tourism statistics are showing a welcome revival towards numbers that were last seen prior to the global pandemic. The UN World Tourism Organization has hinted at the strong possibility that global travel will recover to approximately 90% of the numbers recorded before the advent of Covid-19 as we know it. If this prediction comes to fruition, it would mean that roughly 975 million individuals across the world would have travelled abroad over the course of 2023. Now, there seems to be one country that captures the fascination of a large swathe of these globe-trotters – the majestic country of Turkey.

In the final month of 2023, an in-depth and captivating report entitled the ‘Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023’, produced by Euromonitor International, was released. Many astute observers found it surprising that two Turkish cities – Istanbul and Antalya – made the list as part of the top four worldwide destinations that attract international tourists. Talk about a testament to the rich history, culture and undying allure of Turkish destinations!

The report shared some of the most fascinating insights into global travel trends. For instance, the bustling city of Istanbul emerged as the chart-topper in terms of the international traveller influx in 2023, showing an impressive growth rate of 26% on a year-on-year basis. This heartening statistic was followed closely by British metropolis London experiencing an increase of 17%, and UAE’s dazzling city of Dubai witnessing a rise of 18%. It is hardly unexpected that Istanbul, arguably the largest city in Europe with a sprawling population of 15.5 million people, piques the interest of tourists from around the world. However, the rise to prominence of Antalya, with a relatively modest population of 1.3 million, is nothing short of inspiring.

Picture this: Antalya, the gem of the Turkish Riviera, welcomed approximately 16.5 million visitors from other countries. This staggering figure easily surpasses the number of international arrivals in globally recognisable cities such as Paris, Hong Kong, Bangkok and New York City, despite these cities boasting significantly larger populations. In fact, the number of foreign tourists in Antalya exceeds twelve times the city’s own population. That is quite the claim to fame!

Antalya has traditionally been a beloved travel hotspot among enthusiastic explorers from Germany, Russia and Britain, thereby dominating its international arrivals. This region has won the hearts of many by virtue of its mesmerisingly blue waters, enticingly mild winters, vibrant summer seasons, and the promise of a stunning 300 sunny days per annum. While Antalya’s sunny beaches have lured scores of tourists over the decades, the scenic city perched on a limestone plateau, marked by historic Roman walls and houses reminiscent of the Ottoman epoch, is equally entrancing. No wonder then, that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – the man credited with founding the Republic of Turkey – once declared indisputably, “There is no doubt that Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world.”

Reference: BBC, STACEY LEASCA. Two of the most-visited cities in the world are in Turkey – this one is the unsung hero

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