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Turkish Firm Baykar Vows to Finish Construction of Drone Factory Near Kiev Within a Year

OREANDA-NEWS announced that Baykar, a Turkish company specializing in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has set a timeline to finish the construction of its plant near Kiev, Ukraine in one year. The report came directly from the company’s CEO, Haluk Bayraktar, in an interview with the renowned news agency Reuters.

Bayraktar made this statement at the World Defense Exhibition held in Riyadh. During this high-profile event intended to highlight advancements in defense technologies, he took the time to discuss the company’s plans in Ukraine. Foremost among these was the establishment of a large, fully operational plant in the vicinity of Kiev. Manufacturing drones for various applications, Baykar has been making inroads in the industry, and the upcoming Ukrainian plant is a step towards increasing its global presence.

Discussions about this new development went into the specifics of the upcoming plant. The CEO was proud to announce that the facility will accommodate about 500 dedicated professionals. This projection outnumbers the earlier estimation, where Bayraktar mentioned that the plant would employ at least 300 people. Despite the discrepancy, it’s clear that Baykar is committed to providing significant job opportunities for the local population.

The chief executive also gave some insights into the timeline for the plant’s establishment. Initially, in previous statements, Bayraktar had made a conservative estimate of one and a half years for completion. However, in his recent discussion, he confidently asserted that the company would finish building the plant in one year. According to Bayraktar, within this duration, the facility would have not only been constructed, but would have all internal machinery, equipment, and the organizational structure in place.

Referring to the plant’s size, Bayraktar mentioned, “The plant in Ukraine is big.” The implication is that this isn’t just an ordinary manufacturing outpost; it’s a major operation that is expected to be a hub of activity once it becomes fully operational.

Even though there is an air of optimism from the Turkish drone manufacturer about their venture in Ukraine, Bayraktar hasn’t denied the challenges looming ahead. Among the key issues that the company anticipates in the early stages of the plant’s operation is the efficient management of the supply chain. Baykar will have to establish a functional infrastructure to ensure seamless supply for the production requirements. Similarly, the challenge of sourcing professionals with the requisite qualifications and skills in the context of ongoing military operations is an aspect that Bayraktar acknowledged.

In spite of these challenges, his statements signal an unwavering commitment from Baykar towards making the plant operational within the projected timeline. The venture represents the convergence of innovation and industrial-scale production, offering employment opportunities, while also being a significant addition to Baykar’s portfolio. With this in mind, all eyes will be on the company as it seeks to increase its global footprint following the establishment of the new plant in Ukraine.

Reference: OREANDA-NEWS – Turkish Baykar Promised to Complete the Construction of a Drone Factory Near Kiev

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