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Foreign Minister Urges Regional Collaboration to Address Irregular Migration

Türkiye’s Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that a conference will be held to address the issue of migration and development. The conference aims to bring together key stakeholders to find sustainable solutions in combating irregular migration and identifying ways to prevent migration at its source.

The purpose of the conference is to engage important individuals and organizations involved in migration and development to collaborate and brainstorm ideas to combat irregular migration effectively. By doing so, the conference hopes to generate sustainable solutions that address the root causes of migration and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Migration and development are complex issues that require comprehensive strategies to overcome their challenges. Therefore, the conference will serve as a platform to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices. It will encourage dialogue among policymakers, researchers, and experts working in various fields related to migration.

One of the main goals of the conference is to determine the necessary steps that can be taken to prevent migration at its source. By addressing the root causes of irregular migration, such as poverty, lack of economic opportunities, and political instability, the conference aims to create a more stable and prosperous environment, reducing the need for individuals to migrate irregularly.

Türkiye’s Foreign Ministry’s announcement highlights the importance of international cooperation and collaboration in finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by irregular migration. The conference is expected to provide valuable insights and recommendations that can be utilized by governments, organizations, and policymakers to develop effective strategies in addressing migration and development comprehensively.

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