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Master Turkish Language in 2 Minutes – Lesson 7

Introducing Mick Scarsbrook, an expert in Turkish language and culture, who has spent a whopping 25 years living in Turkey. In this quick two-minute lesson, Mick will teach you the basics of everyday spoken Turkish, without the need for books or complicated grammar rules. Let’s dive in and learn some simple yet helpful Turkish phrases!

1. Merhaba! (Hello!)
– Use this universal greeting to say hello to anyone you meet in Turkey.

2. Nasılsın? (How are you?)
– This phrase is commonly used to ask someone how they’re doing. You can respond with “iyiyim” (I’m good) or “teşekkür ederim” (thank you).

3. Anlamıyorum. (I don’t understand.)
– If you’re having trouble comprehending something, this phrase will come in handy. Feel free to ask for clarification if needed.

4. Lütfen. (Please.)
– Remember to use this polite word when making requests or asking for help.

5. Teşekkür ederim. (Thank you.)
– Show gratitude by saying thank you. It’s always appreciated!

6. Bir şey değil. (You’re welcome.)
– When someone thanks you, respond with this phrase to say “you’re welcome.”

7. Benim adım Mick. (My name is Mick.)
– Introduce yourself by saying your name. You can replace “Mick” with your own name, of course!

8. Nerede? (Where?)
– Use this word to ask about the location of something or someone. For example, “tuvalet nerede?” means “where is the bathroom?”

9. Evin nerede? (Where is your house?)
– If you want to ask someone about the location of their house, use this phrase. Replace “evin” with “sizin eviniz” to ask where someone else’s house is.

10. İyi akşamlar! (Good evening!)
– Wish someone a good evening with this common phrase.

These everyday Turkish phrases will prove incredibly useful while conversing with locals or navigating the streets of Turkey. Mick Scarsbrook’s expertise and lived experience make these lessons perfect for those looking to grasp the basics of spoken Turkish in a simple and practical manner. Keep practicing and immerse yourself in Turkish culture for a richer language learning experience.


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