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Pamukkale: Exploring the Enchanting Cotton Castle

Please enjoy this short documentary about the magnificent natural wonder of Pamukkale and the Ancient Ruins of Hierapolis in Turkey, kindly introduced by Mick Scarsbrook.

If you’re planning to visit or stay near Pamukkale, Şirince is a wonderful place to consider. You can catch a glimpse of its beauty here:

In case you’re interested in learning some Turkish before your trip, this playlist will be very helpful:

Moreover, if you wish to explore other enchanting places nearby, Ephesus is a captivating destination worth discovering: Fethiye is another stunning location to add to your list: And finally, Dalyan offers its own unique charm that shouldn’t be missed:

Lastly, if you’d like to sport a stylish hat like the one I’m wearing, you can find a quality one that suits your taste here: (available in English).