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US Congress Approves $23 Billion Warplane and Missile Sale to Turkey

The United States has taken decisive action in advancing the formidable sale of $23 billion worth of F-16 warplanes, a variety of missiles, and...
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Uncovering Zeugma #7

We’re exploring the ancient art of mosaic decoration at its finest today at the renowned Zeugma Archaeological Site! The Zeugma Mosaic Museum, housed at the site, is one of the world’s largest mosaic museums. #Uncovering

Zeugma, located about 50 km east of Gaziantep along the Euphrates River, was a significant city in the ancient Kingdom of Commagene. Seleucus I Nicator, a general of Alexander the Great, established it as “Seleucia” following Alexander’s death in 323 BC. These twin cities were known as “Zeugma”—the western town named “Seleucia” after its founder, and the eastern town called “Apamea” after Seleucus’s wife, Apama.

Join Rikki Roath as we unveil the incredible stories behind these stunning mosaics at our latest exhibition in Gaziantep!

Keep an eye out for the second part of our series, #UncoveringTastes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so you won’t miss it!

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