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US Congress Approves $23 Billion Warplane and Missile Sale to Turkey

The United States has taken decisive action in advancing the formidable sale of $23 billion worth of F-16 warplanes, a variety of missiles, and...
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Uncovering Mount Nemrut #3

In this installment, we delve into the mysteries of the Commagene Kingdom on Mount Nemrut #MountNemrut . Situated in the current day Adıyaman area, Mount Nemrut is arguably considered the world’s most mystical and fascinating archaeological site. #Uncovering

The enigmatic sculptures providing an overlooking view of Mount Nemrut are among the world’s most impressive. The colossal heads, constructed during the 1st century B.C. during the reign of the Commagene Kingdom, witness an astounding sunrise and sunset daily. These monolithic sculptures, weighing 6 tons and standing 10 meters tall, are unparalleled globally.

Nevertheless, what narratives do these impressive structures hold? What is their purpose? How and why were these vast configurations placed on this mountain? Our video presenter, Rikki Roath, will provide answers to all these questions!

Don’t miss #UncoveringTastes after, where we’ll present a lavish meal once served to the royalties of Anatolia!

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