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HomeSportFootballBasaksehir terminates contract of Israeli player following post about Gaza hostages

Basaksehir terminates contract of Israeli player following post about Gaza hostages

Karzev was questioned by the police after sharing a social media post commemorating the 100 days of hostages’ captivity with the hashtag “BringThemHomeNow.” Additionally, Turkish football club Istanbul Basaksehir terminated its contract with Israeli player Eden Karzev due to a disciplinary investigation into his social media post urging the release of hostages held by the Hamas militant group in Gaza.

This decision came shortly after another Israeli player, Sagiv Jehezkel, was briefly detained in Turkey for expressing solidarity with the hostages after scoring an equalizer in a top-division game. After returning to Israel, Karzev was questioned by the police in Istanbul for reposting the message marking the hostages’ 100 days in captivity with the hashtag “BringThemHomeNow.”

Basaksehir initiated a disciplinary inquiry, stating that Karzev’s actions were “contrary to the country’s sensitivities.” The club fined Karzev and determined that it was suitable for him to continue his career abroad.

Despite both Jehezkel and Karzev clarifying that their messages were intended as calls for an end to the Israel-Hamas war, their actions were interpreted as supportive of Israel’s offensive in Gaza. This led to public opposition in Turkey towards Israel’s actions in Gaza, with widespread support for Palestinians. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of verging on “genocide” and described Hamas as a liberation group. Jehezkel’s detention caused outrage and widespread condemnation in Israel.

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