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The Oldest Temple in the World: Göbeklitepe in Southeast Turkey, near Şanlıurfa

The Southeast region of Turkey has a rich and captivating history, dating back to the migration of mankind. It is known for its early religions and the establishment of the first known agriculture. This region is also home to some of the earliest built Christian churches and mosques, making it a fascinating place to explore.

If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing region, we invite you to watch our five-part series. During our stay in Midyat, we enjoyed the comfort of Hotel Shmayaa and Şanlıurfa Şahrazat Konağı.

For our transportation, we relied on Tripadvisor to help us plan our travels. Our flights to Mardin were all via Istanbul, with Pegasus Airlines from Dalaman to Istanbul and Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Mardin. We also used Skyscanner to check other airline options.

To get around in the region, we hired a car from Merdin Otomotiv. They can be reached at 04822131599 or 05424224747 Özkan. They provided us with excellent service, even picking us up from the airport in Mardin.

For capturing our adventures, we used a variety of camera gear. The Lumix GH5, DJi Mavic Air, and Sony AX53 Camcorder were all instrumental in documenting our experiences. To ensure high-quality audio, we relied on the Rode Wireless Go microphone.

We hope you enjoy watching our video and exploring the wonders of Southeast Turkey with us.