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US Congress Approves $23 Billion Warplane and Missile Sale to Turkey

The United States has taken decisive action in advancing the formidable sale of $23 billion worth of F-16 warplanes, a variety of missiles, and...
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Master Turkish in Just 2 minutes – Lesson 2

Learn Turkish in Just 2 Minutes a Day!

Lesson 1: Greetings
Merhaba! (Hello!)
Nasılsınız? (How are you?)
Teşekkür ederim. (Thank you)
Lütfen. (Please)

Lesson 2: Ordering Food
Bir şişe su alabilir miyim? (Can I have a bottle of water?)
Çok acıktım. Bir pide istiyorum. (I’m very hungry. I want a pide bread.)
Çok lezzetli! (Very tasty!)

Lesson 3: Asking for Directions
Affedersiniz, şuraya nasıl giderim? (Excuse me, how do I get there?)
Sağa dönün. (Turn right)
Solda. (On the left)
Teşekkür ederim, kolay gelsin. (Thank you, have a nice day)

Lesson 4: Shopping
Ne kadar? (How much?)
Pahalı. Fazla indirim yapabilir misiniz? (It’s expensive. Can you give more discount?)
Alıyorum! (I’ll take it!)

Lesson 5: Meeting New People
Adınız ne? (What is your name?)
Benim adım Mick. (My name is Mick)
Memnun oldum. (Nice to meet you)

Lesson 6: The Basics
Evet (Yes)
Hayır (No)
Tamam (Okay)
Merak etmeyin (Don’t worry)

Sure, learning a new language can be challenging, but with these simple and fun lessons, you’ll be speaking Turkish in no time! And what’s more, our teacher, Mick Scarsbrook, who lived in Turkey for 25 years, knows all the insider tips to help you on your holiday.

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