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Turkish Parliament’s Zero Waste Initiative Helps Prevent 17 Tons of GHG Emissions

Last year, Turkish Parliament’s waste recovery initiatives successfully prevented 17 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, conserved 4 billion tons of water, and saved 530,000 kilowatt-hours of energy, as reported by Azernews citing Anadolu Agency.

In 2017, Türkiye initiated a Zero Waste project under the auspices of the first lady Emine Erdogan to emphasize the importance of waste elimination in combating the climate crisis.

Data from the parliament’s General Secretariat highlights the efforts of the parliament staff who received training on Zero Waste management.

The data reveals that the parliament recycled 105 tons of paper, 2 tons of plastic, 3 tons of glass, 1,000 kilograms of metal, 600 kilograms of organic waste, 4,250 liters of vegetable oil waste, and 1,500 liters of waste motor oil last year.

The recycling of paper prevented the cutting of 1,768 trees, while the recycling of plastic saved 33 barrels of oil. The recycling of glass and metal also resulted in the preservation of raw materials.

Furthermore, the parliament’s efforts led to the recovery of waste engine oil and the production of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil. Additionally, organic waste was converted into compost for use as a soil improver.

Türkiye’s zero-waste initiative was globally recognized in 2022 when the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution, declaring March 30 as International Day of Zero Waste.

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