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Turkey formally ratifies Sweden’s NATO membership

ANKARA, TURKEY — Turkey has approved Sweden’s membership in NATO, as published in an official gazette on Thursday. This finalizes the ratification, bringing Sweden a step closer to joining the military alliance. Hungary is now the only NATO ally that has not ratified Sweden’s accession.

Turkey’s parliament endorsed Sweden’s accession in a vote on Tuesday. The ruling party cited Sweden’s tougher stance on Kurdish militants as a key factor in winning approval. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had also linked the ratification to Turkey’s desire to purchase fighter jets from the United States.

Turkey had delayed Sweden’s membership for over a year, accusing the country of being too lenient toward groups that Ankara considers security threats. It sought concessions from Stockholm, including measures to counter militants. Additionally, Turkey was displeased by demonstrations in Sweden supporting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, as well as Quran-burning protests in Muslim countries.

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