Kure Mountains National Park

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kure mountains national park

Kure Mountains National Park

Explore the Majestic Kure Mountains National Park

Nestled within the naturally diverse and historically rich country of Turkey is the enchanting Kure Mountains National Park, a heaven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Among the park's diverse array of natural wonders, the must-visit destination is undoubtedly the Horma Canyon, an awe-inspiring geological formation that offers breathtaking panoramas and thrilling hiking experiences. Spanning a vast expanse that covers parts of Kastamonu and Bartin provinces, the Kure Mountains National Park is a protected area and is known for its verdant landscapes, pristine water bodies, unique flora, and fauna.

However, its truly unbeatable gem is the splendid Horma Canyon. Tendency towards explorations and curiosity about the natural world has led many to the untamed beauty of Horma Canyon. As you delve deeper into the heart of the canyon, you will witness a landscape marked by deep valleys, jagged rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and the lush greenery that provides a stark contrast against the rugged terrains. Hiking through the Horma Canyon is a unique adventure.

The trek begins from Ilıca village, which is renowned for its thermal waters. The path gradually descends to the canyon, revealing vistas that are postcard-perfect. Along the trail, wooden bridges cross over the rushing stream, and there are many scenic spots where hikers can rest and enjoy the harmonious symphony of nature’s sounds. The sheer height of the canyon walls, reaching up to 60 meters, creates an imposing spectacle that reminds us of nature's tremendous power and fills us with profound awe. The canyon’s cliffs are covered with a variety of mosses and lichens and are home to numerous bird species, thereby creating a vibrant display of both life and colors. One outstanding feature of Horma Canyon is the presence of the crystal-clear Horma stream coursing through the canyon's heart. The stream provides not only a lifeline to the canyon's local ecosystems but also an ethereal beauty to the overall landscape. Hikers cannot resist dipping their toes in the icy-cold waters and taking a pause to marvel at the sight of small glistening pebbles visible through the stream's ultra-clear waters.

Alternatively, for those seeking a thrill, there are also opportunities for adrenaline-pumping activities such as zip lining and rock climbing. These activities offer yet another way to engage with the captivating landscapes surrounding the canyon. The biodiversity of Horma Canyon is also noteworthy, as it hosts various endemic species of plants and a diverse range of fauna, including deer, wolves, lynx, bear, and vultures, among others. Its rich ecosystem contributes to the area's appeal as a focal point for ecological research and nature photography.

Presenting a perfect blend of beauty, adventure, and tranquility, the Horma Canyon (Kure Mountains National Park) is a must-visit site for everyone planning a trip to Turkey. Its offering of thrilling adventure, exploration of pristine landscapes, and the chance to observe an outstanding diversity of flora and fauna firsthand, makes it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

Horma Canyon (Kure Mountains National Park)
Çalkaya, 37770 Pınarbaşı/Kastamonu, Türkiye
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