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US Congress Approves $23 Billion Warplane and Missile Sale to Turkey

The United States has taken decisive action in advancing the formidable sale of $23 billion worth of F-16 warplanes, a variety of missiles, and...
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If Dispute Over Russian Air Defenses Is Resolved, Turkey F-35 Talks Could Open

When it comes to news and current events, staying up to date with the latest information is crucial. Here are some recent articles covering US-Turkey relations and potential talks about the F-35 program.

1. US Open to Turkey F-35 Talks If Dispute Over Russian Air Defenses Is Resolved – Bloomberg
The United States has indicated that it is open to holding discussions with Turkey regarding the F-35 program, provided that the ongoing dispute over Turkey’s acquisition of Russian air defense systems is resolved. This is a significant development in the strained relationship between the two countries.

2. Nuland to visit Turkey on Sunday – baha news
Victoria Nuland, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, is scheduled to visit Turkey on Sunday. Her visit is likely to focus on addressing key issues in the US-Turkey relationship, and it presents an opportunity for both countries to engage in high-level discussions.

3. Turkish, US deputy foreign chiefs to discuss ties, global issues – Daily Sabah
Deputy foreign chiefs from Turkey and the United States are set to meet and discuss various aspects of their bilateral relationship, as well as global issues of mutual concern. This meeting reflects ongoing efforts to maintain open communication and cooperation between the two nations.

4. US Open to Turkey’s Potential Return to F-35 Program –
In another indication of potential progress in US-Turkey relations, the United States has expressed openness to Turkey’s potential return to the F-35 program. This signals a willingness to engage in dialogue and diplomacy to address the challenges and disagreements that have affected the partnership between the two countries.

5. Nuland visits Turkey; They are dangerously arming the region – B92
Victoria Nuland’s visit to Turkey has raised concerns, with some expressing apprehension about the potential consequences of Turkey’s military activities in the region. This highlights the complex and multifaceted nature of the US-Turkey relationship, encompassing both areas of cooperation and areas of disagreement.

As these articles demonstrate, the US-Turkey relationship is a topic of ongoing significance and interest. The developments and discussions surrounding the F-35 program, as well as broader diplomatic engagements, have the potential to shape the future trajectory of this crucial international partnership. Staying informed about these issues is essential for understanding the dynamics of global geopolitics and international relations.

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