Winter tires are on the shelf – 100 percent increase in a year


Winter tire prices, which are mandatory for commercial vehicles as of December 1, have been increased by 100 percent in one year. The work of tire manufacturers in the auto industries has also come to a standstill. The average price of a winter tire is 1500 TL.

The obligation to install winter tires for commercial vehicles carrying intercity cargo and passengers started on 1 December.
However, unlike previous years, the expected density in tire shops was not experienced this year.
Due to the doubling of tire prices, companies could not do as much as they expected.
An average winter tire sells for 1500 lira. If one of the world-famous brands is to be preferred, the price of a single tire exceeds 3 thousand liras.
Not only tire prices, but also the storage-storage services of tire shops, especially in big cities, have increased.
A car with summer tires can stop at 37 meters if it brakes suddenly at a speed of 90 kilometers in temperatures below 10 degrees. Winter tires reduce this distance to 30 meters.
Experts say that the difference of 7 meters will save lives.

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