When will the EYT law be released, will there be an age limit? Who will it cover? Latest situation in EYT regulation


The developments in the EYT (Retirement Aged Persons) regulation are closely followed. At the beginning of the most curious subjects are the EYT conditions and age limit. The details of the regulation, which is expected to pave the way for retirement for more than 1.5 million people in the first place, will be discussed at the Cabinet Meeting today. After the clarification of the regulation, “Will there be an age limit in EYT? Who will it cover?” questions will be answered.

In the 24th and last cabinet meeting of 2022 to be held at the Presidential Complex, there will be an intense agenda on the table. Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin gave a presentation on the work on the regulation on the retirement age group (EYT), which concerns employees whose insurance commenced on September 8, 1999 and before. will make. At the meeting, a detailed evaluation will be made on the details of the regulation, which is planned to be presented to the Assembly in a short time.
The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Bilgin, also answered the age requirement questions in a television program he attended. Bilgin explained that the age range in the Retirement Aged (EYT) regulation is possible and has not yet been clarified.
“Is there an age range in EYT?” Bilgin answered the question, “It is possible, it will be evaluated. If you pay attention, I am not saying it will happen, it is not clear.” she replied.
Bilgin underlined that the final decision would be made after the necessary evaluations were made and said, “Is the calendar clear?” The question, “We will remove it from our table before we reach the quarry. That is, it will go to the Parliament next week.” he replied.

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