When will middle income housing loan applications start? (Details of Yeni Evim Housing Campaign)


Applications are starting for the “Yeni Evim Housing Campaign”, which aims to help middle-income people to own a house with low interest. Here are the ones that are curious about the middle-income housing campaign, the details of which have been announced recently…

Applications for the middle-income housing campaign start tomorrow.
The “New Home Campaign”, which has been implemented with the new housing finance model for middle-income people, will be valid in 81 provinces. In the first phase, it is planned to sell 100 thousand houses.
After the details were announced, the eyes were turned to the application dates and process.
In line with the statement, applications for middle-income housing campaign will start tomorrow (January 16). Those who want to buy a house will apply to banks or participation banks with the flat they find. The bank will monitor the compliance of both the project and the person with the criteria, and will allocate loans for suitable projects.
There will be no application fee for the middle income housing campaign. As of January 16 (tomorrow), citizens who find their housing from the housing manufacturer will be able to obtain a housing loan without drawing lots.
Every citizen of the Republic of Turkey, over the age of 18, who is deemed appropriate by the banks to obtain a loan, will be able to benefit from the campaign.

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