When the stocks of the syrup ran out, a 75% hike came


When the stocks of Şırdan, one of the most consumed flavors unique to Adana, came to the point of running out, its price, which was around 20 liras last year, increased by 75 percent to 35 liras. It was claimed that the demand could not be met even though 7 thousand 500 sirs came from other cities daily, and the price would be 50 TL if the stocks continued to suffer.

The stocks of şırdan, which is one of the most consumed flavors in Adana after kebab, are almost running out.
The interest in şerdan, which is valuable, is increasing day by day, as there is only one sheep out of each sheep. In the city, where 2,500 live animals are slaughtered daily, more than 7,500 syrups are brought from other provinces daily. Due to the high demand and the decrease in the slaughter of livestock, the price of şırdan, which was 20 liras last year, increased by 75 percent to 35 liras.
Güven Özgülbaş (58) stated that he has been selling şerdan for 37 years and that they have a supply problem. Özgülbaş stated that the number of customers who eat şırdan has decreased and said, “The prices of şırdan are going up. There are no more customers who eat şırdan every day. If it goes a little more like this, it will be exhibited in jewelry store windows. We can’t find it anymore,” he said.
Adana Chamber of Butchers Chairman Murat Saruhan Yağmur stated that 2,500 live animals were slaughtered for şerdan in the city.
Yağmur said, “On the other hand, 7 thousand 500 small cattle are supplied from other provinces. We expect a shortage of şerdan in the coming periods. It is no longer enough for the people of Adana. The prices have also increased. It is sold for 35 liras. If the stocks continue to suffer, the price is expected to be over 50 liras,” Yağmur said.

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