When is the US Federal Reserve (FED) interest rate decision? (Fed March 2023 MPC interest rate meeting)


The countdown has begun for the US Federal Reserve (FED) interest rate decision meeting. Before the FED meeting, which is closely followed by dollar, gold, stock market and crypto money investors, economists’ interest expectations are curious. So, when will the Fed rate decision be announced?

Investors who follow the markets closely continue to question when the FED interest rate meeting will be held in March. The timetable for the Fed’s Monetary Policy Committee interest rate meeting has been announced. So, when will the Fed rate decision be announced? WHEN WILL FED INTEREST DECISION BE ANNOUNCED? With the calendar published by the US Federal Reserve (FED), the meeting dates have been determined. According to this; The Fed rate meeting will be held on March 21-22. FED Chairman Powell is expected to announce the FED interest rate decision for February on March 22 at 21:00.when is the us federal reserve (fed) interest rate decision? (fed march 2023 mpc interest rate meeting)HOW IS THE ECONOMIST’S INTEREST EXPECTATION? Analysts, at the meeting on March 22, noted that a 50 basis point interest rate hike was 25 percent probable, adding that Powell’s statements would look for clues on the subject. Reminding that the Fed is predicted to raise interest rates by 75 basis points in the next three meetings, analysts noted that in addition to Powell’s statements, Friday’s non-farm employment data could significantly affect the aforementioned expectations.

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