What is military debt, how is it done? Who can make military debt? (EYT military debt)


What is military debt and how is it done? The answer to his question is being questioned by hundreds of thousands of people who follow the latest developments regarding EYT. If the EYT law is enacted, people who were insured before 1999 will be able to benefit from EYT with military service debt. So, what is military debt, how is it done? Who can make military debt?

Military debt is one of the topics that are wondered by the Old at Retirement (EYT). People who want to benefit from EYT by making military debts are wondering where and how to get military debt. Here are the details on the subject. WHAT IS MILITARY BORROWING? Military debt is the payment of old-age, invalidity and death premiums, which are valid for retirement, for either the whole or a certain part of the time they have spent in military service. Persons who are in military debt can add the days spent in the military to the number of insurance premium days. Borrowing can be made for all or part of the time spent in the military.what is military debt, how is it done? who can make military debt? (eyt military debt)HOW TO MAKE MILITARY BORROWING? Military borrowing is done by downloading the e-Government or borrowing request petition from the Social Security Institution website and sending it to the relevant unit of the Institution by hand or by mail. By using the e-Government service, you can request a military service loan in 4A status. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR MILITARY DEBT WHO CAN MAKE MILITARY BORROWING? Conditions to benefit from military debt; 1- Those who have not done their military service or are exempted cannot benefit from military service debt. 2- Military service must be done as a private or non-commissioned officer. The time spent in reserve officer school can also be included in the military service debt. 3- During the military service, the Social Security Institution from the workplace, etc., on behalf of the individual. No premiums must be paid. 4- Those who document their military service period in their country of origin, among those who have completed the age of 22 on the date of naturalization of Turkish nobility (subjected to forced migration), will be debited at the same rate as their peers in case their military service period is more than their Turkish counterparts in Turkey.

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