Warning to housing opportunists from Minister Nabati: We will do what is necessary to those who do wrong


Treasury and Finance Minister Nabati issued a warning to the housing opportunists who went to the price increase. Minister Nebati said, “We have done pricing controls. We will do what is necessary to those who make a mistake.” Nebati explained that the margin between the current price and the actual price has widened a lot, and that they are conducting a study on this issue.

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati answered the questions of journalists about the agenda after yesterday’s Cabinet. Minister Nebati was asked about the price increases after the New Evim campaign for middle-income people. Stating that they have taken every precaution, Nebati said, “We have done pricing controls, we have radar. The risk analysis center has all the data. “WE HAVE PRICE PRICE WORK” Noting that the current price difference is one of the gangrene issues in Turkey, Minister Nebati said: “Especially the increase in prices due to inflation, the high increase in housing prices, widened the margin between the current prices and the real prices. We have very solid data on this issue, too. Citizen “Let the seller and the buyer be careful. We have a very serious work to overcome this gangrene. When you convert real prices to current prices, the income in the municipalities will increase a lot, but the citizens will be disturbed because the taxes are too high.”

“WE DO NOT EXPECT MINUS INFLATION IN JANUARY” Minister Nebati, who gave a message about inflation, stated that there was no negative inflation expectation in January and said, “The important thing for us is that it is at reasonable levels. It is realized in line with the targets. It is related to our year-end targets.”


Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, also made a statement regarding the preparation of the campaign for second-hand housing.

Minister Kurum said that there is no concrete work yet, but that it can be done in time.

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