Varank: Minimum wage support will exceed 10 billion lira in 2023


Industry and Technology Minister Varank stated that they provided 5.7 billion liras of minimum wage support to the private sector this year and said, “This support will exceed 10 billion liras in 2023.”

The minimum wage support to the employer will increase in the new year. Speaking at the Organized Industrial Zone’s Stars Research Award Ceremony, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that the minimum wage support to the private sector is 5.7 billion liras this year, and this figure will exceed 10 billion liras in 2023. Noting that they approach the minimum wage with great sensitivity from the perspective of workers and employers, and that they try to maintain a common balance, Varank said: “As you know, inflation will rapidly decline in the coming months. Yes, although there is a base effect here, this does not change the fact that we have achieved results in the fight against inflation. If we do not encounter new external shocks, we anticipate a downward trend in inflation. Therefore, the high rate hike we have made in the minimum wage, accompanied by the decrease in inflation, will further improve the purchasing power of our citizens. No one should have the slightest doubt about this. As he has drawn, in the event of an unexpected situation, our government will never hesitate to make interim adjustments in the minimum wage.” “WE ARE WORKING ON ESTABLISHING 38 NEW OSB” Stating that 1437 investment incentive certificates with a fixed investment amount of 56.9 billion liras were issued in November, Varank said, “We are also working on establishing 38 new OIZs with an area of ​​12,300 hectares in 28 provinces. Again, we are making efforts to expand our existing OIZs. 65 OIZs in 39 provinces.” “We are continuing the site selection processes for an additional 20 thousand hectares of land in Turkey. We are in constant communication with our relevant ministries in order to shorten their processes,” he said.

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