Turkey prices doubled


Just a few days before the New Year, the indispensable turkey on the tables was unveiled. Compared to last year, the prices have doubled, and the turkey is sold for up to a thousand liras, depending on its weight. When this happens, manufacturers and sellers alike complain about the increased costs.

Turkey, indispensable for New Year’s tables, was offered for sale at the turkey market in Istanbul. The price of turkeys from Tekirdağ and Edirne increased by two cards. Among the factors that affect the cost of turkey are the cost of maintenance and transportation. Turkey seller Levent Tuncay said, “The weight of turkey is now up to 170 in butchers. If there is a live area, we give it to 120 liras. The turkey we sold for 400-450 last year is around 700-750 liras this year,” he said. ‘ENDS BEFORE CHRISTMAS’ Levent Tuncay, who also stated that the consumers showed high demand even though the prices increased, said that he thought that the turkeys would be finished before the new year. WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING turkey? Answering the question “What should be considered when buying a turkey”, Tuncay said, “It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the feathers are colorful, the head is red, and it stays alive.”

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