Travel warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the USA and European countries


The State Department issued a travel warning for the US and European countries. In the statement made by the Ministry, attention was drawn to the racist attacks in the USA and the anti-Islamic actions in Europe.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning due to the increase in anti-Islamic, xenophobic and racist actions in the USA and some European countries, and the increase in anti-Turkey propaganda demonstrations by terrorist organization-affiliated groups.

In the ministry’s travel warning to Europe, it was emphasized that there has been an increase in the anti-Turkey actions of groups affiliated with terrorist organizations in the recent period. “These developments, which reflect the dangerous dimensions of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe, clearly reveal the alarming level that racist and discriminatory movements have reached in Europe,” the statement said.

In the travel warning issued by the ministry for the USA, the protests that started against the death of black Tire Nichols by police violence in the state of Tennessee were underlined. Citizens were warned to stay away from areas where protests are concentrated.

It was noted that citizens who plan to travel to the USA and Europe can apply to the Consular Call Center (+90 312 292 29 29) if needed.

Prior to this statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassies of the USA, France and Germany had issued a high terrorist risk warning for Turkey, especially in Istanbul. He urged his citizens to stay away from crowded places and be careful.

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