Supersonic missile produced by Roketsan hit the target with full accuracy


Test firing of TRG-230-UAV, Turkey’s first air-to-ground supersonic missile, was carried out. Launched from Akıncı TİHA, the missile hit the target 100 kilometers away with a precise hit.

With the TRG-230-iHA, Turkey’s first air-to-ground supersonic missile fired from Baykar’s Akıncı TİHA and manufactured by Roketsan, the target over 100 kilometers was hit with a precise hit. Roketsan’s Twitter account shared about the firing of the TRG-230-UAV missile. “We continue to exceed the limits with our national engineering capabilities.” According to the information received, AKINCI TİHA, which took off from Baykar Facilities in Çorlu, fired the TRG-230-UAV missile from an altitude of 25 thousand feet off the coast of Sinop. Thus, after being released from the TİHA, SİHAs gained the ability to fire autonomously in the air and to act on critical targets at supersonic speed in a short time. The TRG-230-UAV missile, which has an effective range of 20 kilometers to 150 kilometers, reaches the target with pinpoint accuracy. The launch is the first ballistic supersonic missile launched from air to land in Turkey.

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