Statement on January support payments: When will Family Support Payments be paid?


Family Support Program payments came to the fore shortly before December. Family Support Program payments, which are within the scope of social support payments, will be given in amounts ranging from 850 to 1,250-TL for a maximum of 12 months. So, when will January Family Support Payments be made?

With the end of the year approaching, the dates of the aid payments made within the scope of the Family Support Program became a matter of curiosity. Family Support Program payments are deposited into accounts regularly every month by the Ministry of Family and Social Services.
Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, made statements about the Family Support Program payment date. Minister Derya Yanık made a statement on his social media account Twitter, “At the request of our citizens, we started working to deposit Family Support Program payments into accounts before the new year.” used his statements.
The Ministry had updated the payment amount to 850 TL-1250 TL in the past months.
Person applying to the Family Support Program is not a Turkish citizen, holding a Blue Card, having a residential address abroad, being under the age of 18, Persons working as a civil servant, public employee, notary public or headman in his household, or working abroad, borrowing abroad or within the scope of private funds. Applications will not be considered in the presence of persons or persons.

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