SpaceX shared photos of the world’s most powerful rocket: Ready to launch


Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX shared aerial photos of the world’s most powerful rocket, the 120-meter-long Starship. According to Musk, it was seen that the rocket, which will be launched within 2 months, is waiting for departure at a facility in the USA. If the Starship is successfully launched into Earth’s orbit, it will be an important step towards the journey to the Moon and Mars.

After years of waiting, the giant 120-metre launch vehicle Starship, built by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, will finally make its first orbital flight. In this context, SpaceX shared aerial photos of Sharship, which is ready to be launched at the company’s facility in Texas.
Billionaire businessman Elon Musk has announced that Starship’s first launch into orbit will likely take place in the next two months. Musk said the launch of Starship into orbit will be a milestone in transporting people and cargo to the Moon and Mars.
With this; Musk’s space company, SpaceX, plans to transport humans into space using a two-stage spacecraft consisting of a Starship (passenger transport division) and a Super Heavy rocket booster. Starship and Super Heavy together will be 120 meters long and weigh 5 million kg. It also states that Starship can produce 70 Meganewtons of thrust, making it one of the most powerful rockets in the world.
SpaceX has previously tested prototypes of the $216 million Starship known as the ‘BFR’ by launching and landing them in the air. These launches have had varying degrees of success, with some exploding in a chaotic fireball and others returning unharmed.
However, a full-scale orbital test flight of Starship has yet to be performed. Musk announced on his social media account that there may be a launch attempt, probably in February or March.
The 51-year-old entrepreneur posted on Twitter on January 8, “’We have a real chance at the end of February. “We will most likely launch in March,” he said.
More recently, Musk posted a photo of Starship on his Twitter account with the caption “Starship, launch attempt soon.”

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