‘second job’ decision from the court


An important decision has come from the judiciary regarding those who work in a second job. An employer fired an employee for non-compliance with the contract, which the court found justified. However, the decision was reversed by a higher court.

Due to the increasing expenses and the cost of living, many people, especially in metropolitan cities, are looking for a second job. Second job employees often hide this from employers.

For this reason, a case was held that could set an example for citizens who are afraid of being unemployed.

A worker working as a courier in Istanbul worked in another job outside of working hours.

The boss made a rightful termination and dismissed the worker without compensation. The worker sued for compensation.

LABOR COURT SAID VALID TERMINATION The labor court counted the dismissal as a “valid termination” reason. The matter was moved to the court of appeal. The employer stated in the petition of the court of appeal that the employee was prohibited from working in another job. The worker, on the other hand, argued that this situation was known when he entered the job. Istanbul Regional Court of Justice found the worker right.

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