Russia fines Apple 1.17 billion rubles


Apple also received an AppStore penalty from Russia. Russian authorities fined the world giant 1.17 billion rubles for violating monopoly rules. France fined Apple $371.6 million for the same reason.

Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) announced that the US tech giant Apple was fined 1.17 billion rubles (317 million lira) for violating Russia’s anti-monopoly law.

The fine was handed down last July for violating local laws, with AppStore rules forcing developers to use only the payment system provided by the company itself. The unusually large fine is due to the fact that it was calculated based on the company’s annual income in the country.

Previously, the FAS had threatened to fine foreign tech giants between 0.01 percent and 0.15 percent of their revenue for violations of anti-monopoly rules. A similar decision was made by the FAS last July against another US tech giant, Google. Unlike Apple, however, the company adhered to the FAS’s warning last September, changing Google Play payment rules to comply with Russian legislation. How it will be implemented is not yet clear. Despite widespread rumors that Apple is closing its Moscow office and relocating employees to other countries, the company’s Russian subsidiary appears to be active and there are no reports of its possible liquidation or bankruptcy.

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