Pre-order description from Togg


Togg announced that the pre-order process will begin soon on its website and Trumore mobile app.

A new statement came about the pre-order process of Turkey’s domestic car Togg. According to the post on Togg’s Twitter account, when the pre-order period for Togg ends, a draw will be held to determine the delivery priority among those who are entitled to receive the smart device in 2023 and those who qualify. The NFT auction, which started on February 5 with the intense interest of users, but was stopped after the earthquake disasters that shook Turkey, will be held at a later date. The 100th Anniversary Special Series Collection, which will be sold through NFT auction, will be removed from the scope of priority delivery and will be introduced to users on October 29. In the light of these developments, the YeniLig competition, which was announced as one of the pre-order methods, was also cancelled.

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