New period in lease agreements: to be made via e-government


The government is preparing to take important steps to combat the informal economy. One of these steps was planned regarding lease agreements. With the arrangement to be made until the end of 2024, lease agreements will be drawn up via e-government.

Ahmet Ergen / NTV Ankara

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance evaluated 900 proposals in cooperation with 291 institutions and organizations. In this context, the Ministry has put into effect the “Action Plan to Combat Informal Economy” covering the period 2023-2025. Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati explained his action plan with the words, “We continue our fight against the informal economy in order to increase competitiveness, to prevent tax loss, to ensure sustainable growth, and to make income distribution more equitable.” According to the plan, by the end of 2025, 44 actions will be completed to prevent informality.


In this context, lease agreements will now be made over e-government. According to the plan, lease agreements will be drawn up electronically in order to support decision-making processes and carry out risk analysis studies. The arrangement will be completed by the end of 2024. PRODUCT TRACKING SYSTEM FOR VEGETABLES AND FRUIT In order to prevent informality in the vegetable-fruit trade, the integration of the Market Registry System will be ensured. A Product Tracking System will be established, especially for food products… New steps will be taken to prevent smuggling in tobacco and alcohol products and fuel oil. LEGISLATION ON THE NEW EMPLOYMENT MODEL According to the plan, the legislation on new employment models, especially flexible and remote working, which has become widespread with the pandemic process, will be renewed. These models will be prevented from leading to unregistered work… ALL FEE PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE FROM THE BANK Arrangements will also be made for employers to make all wage payments through banks. UNREGISTERED EMPLOYERS CANNOT ENTER THE PUBLIC TENDER Those who employ unregistered workers will not be able to enter public tenders. They will not be able to benefit from government incentives. INCENTIVE TO CARD AND DIGITAL PAYMENTS Card and digital payment methods will be encouraged to reduce cash usage.

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