Mountaineers in Tunceli climbed the Gelincik Peak at an altitude of 2800


In Tunceli, a group of mountaineers climbed the snow-covered Gelincik Peak of the Munzur Mountains in the Ovacık district.

8 mountaineers, who came together under the coordination of the Summit Mountaineering Provincial Representative, organized an event in Tunceli as part of winter climbing. The mountaineers, who went to Ada village of Ovacık district by vehicles, started climbing towards the Munzur Mountains after completing the necessary preparations here.
Climbers walking on the track, where the snow thickness reaches 1 meter, reached the summit at an altitude of 2800 after about 8.5 hours of difficult climbing. Climbers, who spent some time on the Gelincik Peak, took pictures among the natural beauties covered with fog.
One of the mountaineers, İskender Doğan, said that they contributed to the promotion of the city with their excursion activities. Stating that Tunceli offers different beauties in every season, Doğan said, “The Munzur Mountains always attract attention with their untouched nature. We organize climbing on certain days of the week with our friends. This time we turned our route to the 2800-altitude Gelincik Peak of the Munzur Mountains. It is a challenging track. “We left behind and reached our destination. Our journey was very difficult, but it was enjoyable.”
Mountaineer Hasan Yıldız said that he got away from stress by participating in nature trips. Stating that integrating with nature relieves him, Yıldız said, “It is possible to take trips to the mountains in Tunceli at any time of the year. In this regard, the Munzur Mountains have many places to visit and peaks to climb. I took landscape photos to the fullest during the trip.”
Here are the reflections of the mountaineers climbing the Gelincik Peak…

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