Mobility in tomato exports after the restriction


Mobility started after the removal of the export restriction on tomatoes in Antalya’s Kumluca district. Both producers and traders said they were satisfied with the lifting of the restriction.

After the restriction imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on tomato exports was lifted, the activity started.

After the restriction was lifted in Kumluca, the carefully packed tomatoes were sent to European countries.

Tomato producer Yaşar Özkara said, “The domestic market does not eat the tomatoes I produce. The market price of tomatoes is 12 liras, but the market price of tomatoes is 3 or 4 liras in the domestic market. If there is no export, we will remove these tomatoes. Because the sack of fertilizer is 1500 lira. If our export doors are closed, it will be a big problem for the farmer. We are planting tomatoes for export. If the traders do not send products to the places they have agreements with, they and we will be in a difficult situation.” said.


Kumluca West Mediterranean Merchants Association President Osman Öcal said, “The removal of this restriction made us very happy for both our producers, our consumers and our traders. As traders, we have to stand by the producer as well as the consumer.” he said.

Kumluca Wholesaler Hali Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Brokers Association Vice President, broker Üzeyir Özyürek is also among those who are glad that the ban has remained. Stating that it is good for brokers and traders, Özyürek said, “It would be good for our state, our farmers, our brokers and our exporters.” used his statements.

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