LAST MINUTE NEWS: Announcement from Yalçın, Chairman of Memur-Sen


LAST MINUTE NEWS: Officer-Sen Chairman Yalçın made a statement after meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Security Bilgin. Yalçın said, “We have expressed the demand for an additional raise to the civil servant. The improvement in the minimum wage should also be made to the civil servant.”

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The rate of increase to be made in January for civil servants and civil servant retirees is curious. An important meeting took place on the subject, which is closely related to millions of employees and retirees. Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın met with Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security.

“MINIMUM WAGE IMPROVEMENT SHOULD ALSO BE MADE TO THE OFFICER” Yalçın made a statement after meeting with Minister Bilgin. Highlights from Yalçın’s statements are as follows:

“We have expressed a request for an additional raise to the civil servant. We are uneasy about the tax bases. The wages we receive are going back. They are losing the wages they receive due to the tax base. We have conveyed this. The regulation on the minimum wage also shows that the field is read and visible. The same conditions should apply to the civil servants. The increase in the minimum wage should be taken as a basis here as well. The improvement in the minimum wage should also be made for the civil servants. An additional increase was a necessity. The labels also changed after the improvement to the minimum wage. Minister Bilgin said that they will determine this issue after the December inflation. In the tax, either the bases should be increased or the tax should be fixed. “


The minimum wage, which will be valid in the new year, was increased by 54.66 percent. The minimum wage, which is currently 5 thousand 500 TL, will increase to 8 thousand 506 TL in January.


Officers and civil servant retirees receive a raise every 6 months according to the collective agreement. If the 6-month inflation rate exceeds the collective agreement hike, they are entitled to an inflation hike equal to the difference.

Based on the five-month inflation figures in the second half of the year, the total increase rate of civil servants for January 2023 is at the level of 15.04 percent. After the inflation figures to be announced on January 3, the increase rate of the civil servant will become clear. It is expected that welfare share will be given above this figure.

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