Is Subway for sale?


US sandwich chain Subway is considering the sale of the company. It is stated that the sale agreement of the company could be over 10 billion dollars.

A significant sale may occur in the fast food industry. A source close to the matter said that American sandwich chain Subway is considering put options at the company. According to the news that first appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the sale deal could value the company over $10 billion. It was stated in the news that the process is still in the first stage, and it was stated that it might attract the attention of corporate buyers and private equity companies, and it was also noted that there was a possibility that it would not result in an agreement. A spokesperson for the company did not comment on the matter in a statement to Reuters.

IT HAS MORE THAN 37 THOUSAND BRANCHES One of the world’s largest fast food restaurant brands, Subway has more than 37 thousand branches in more than 100 countries. There were reports that Subway was considering its sale in 2021, but the company denied the news.

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