Investigation of some private schools by the Competition Authority


LAST MINUTE NEWS: After the allegations that private school fees were higher than the determined rate, the Competition Authority took action. It was determined that private schools could raise up to 65 percent in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Breaking news! Details of the last minute development are on soon…

The Competition Authority has launched an investigation into the allegations that some private schools have increased more than the determined rate.

The Competition Board decided on the results of the preliminary research conducted on 5 French high schools operating in Istanbul at the meeting held the previous day.

An investigation was launched against 5 French high schools based on the findings of the preliminary investigation carried out within the framework of the article of the Competition Law, which “prohibits agreements between enterprises that will directly or indirectly prevent competition”.

The Board also decided on the preliminary examination made on the basis of the same law article about the private schools at the primary and secondary level operating in Istanbul and Ankara, and the Turkish Private Schools Association. And it launched an investigation against 8 private schools operating in Ankara.

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