Instagram will notify when posts are blocked


Instagram founder and CEO Adam Mosseri announced the new features that will come to the platform from his social media accounts. With this new update, which especially concerns content producers, Instagram will notify the person when their posts are blocked.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, announced that they have implemented a new update with a video he shared from his account.
Instagram has an application called shadow ban. Posts from creators caught in this filter are not shown in feed or explore.
With the new update; Instagram will warn the person that the posts are not shown to other users. From now on, creators will know when they block them in streaming or discovery.
Explaining why the posts were blocked, Mosseri said that it was related to the community rules stated on Instagram. If these rules are not followed, people will be blocked by the system.
To understand that there is such a situation in your account; Settings Account settings Account status If there are any obstacles in your profile, you can view them here.

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