How much were the quarter gold prices today? 26 December 2022 current gold rate prices


How much were the quarter gold prices today? 26 December 2022 current quarter gold rate prices

The gram price of gold is trading at the level of 1,081 liras, after starting the week with an upward trend. The gram price of gold, which gained 0.44 percent value in parallel with the rise in the ounce price on Friday, completed the day at 1,080 liras. Quarter gold is sold for 1,797 liras, and Republic gold for 7,395 liras.

The ounce price of gold is trading at $1,798 today, after increasing 0.31 percent on Friday, closing the day at $1,797. While the macroeconomic data released last week continued to produce mixed signals, it continued to feed the recession and inflation dilemma in pricing. Analysts stated that central banks continue to search for direction in the markets due to the uncertainties in their monetary policies, and noted that almost all of the markets are closed today due to the Christmas holiday in western countries. Stating that a calm course can be observed in open markets, analysts said that, technically, $1,790 is in the support position and $1,840 is in the resistance position in the ounce price of gold.



Quarter gold It is the smallest member of the jewelery group. It is popularly known as little gold. HOW MANY GRAMS OF QUARTER GOLD? Gold gains value according to its weight. Quarter gold is 18 mm thick and 22 carat. A quarter gold weighs 1.75 grams. The weight of pure gold under a quarter is calculated as 1.635 grams. ARE HANDLE QUARTER GOLDS MORE EXPENSIVE? Quarter gold was used both as jewelry, jewelery and as an investment tool. Quarter gold coins, which are considered as gifts, have handles. Quarter gold coins, which are preferred for investment purposes, are handleless. The unique gold content of quarter gold is not included in its handles. The handles under the quarter are not gold.

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