How much were the quarter gold prices today? 12 January 2023 current gold rate prices


How much were the quarter gold prices today? 12 January 2023 current quarter gold rate prices

Quarter gold latest on prices…

Gold prices continue their upward trend with the slowdown in inflation and expectations that the Fed’s interest rate hikes are coming to an end.

In international markets, the ounce price of gold rose to $ 1901 after the US inflation data, reaching its highest level since May. Before the data, gold was hovering around $1888 an ounce.

Annual inflation in the US fell from 7.1 percent to 6.5 percent in 2022. It was down 0.1 percent on a monthly basis.


In the domestic market, gram gold broke the record with 1148 liras. Quarter gold is sold for 1894, republic gold for 7 thousand 795 liras. While the sub-items of the labor force data announced in the USA last week showed that inflationary pressures started to lose strength, the probability of a 25 basis point increase in interest rates by the Fed in February is at the level of 77 percent in terms of pricing in money markets. Although the expectations for a 25 basis point interest rate hike came to the fore at the meeting in March, the changes in the said pricing will also have an impact on the direction of the markets after the data to be announced today. Analysts noted that the Fed will increase interest rates for the 8th time with the February meeting, adding that it is likely that expectations that the Fed may pause interest rate hikes with the slowing inflation in the markets will gain strength.



Quarter gold It is the smallest member of the jewelery group. It is popularly known as little gold. HOW MANY GRAMS OF QUARTER GOLD? Gold gains value according to its weight. Quarter gold is 18 mm thick and 22 carat. A quarter gold weighs 1.75 grams. The weight of pure gold under a quarter is calculated as 1.635 grams. ARE HANDLE QUARTER GOLDS MORE EXPENSIVE? Quarter gold was used both as jewelry, jewelery and as an investment tool. Quarter gold coins, which are considered as gifts, have handles. Quarter gold coins, which are preferred for investment purposes, are handleless. The unique gold content of quarter gold is not included in its handles. The handles under the quarter are not gold.

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