How much was the hop-on hop-off fee in taxis? (2023 current taxi fare)


Hop-on and hop-off fares in taxis changed with the decision taken after the UKOME meeting. Many people who use taxis in their daily life wonder how much the hop-on hop-off fee is in taxis. Here are the current taxi hop-on hop-off prices for 2023.

With the decision taken at the UKOME meeting, a 29.10 percent increase was made in public transportation and taxis in Istanbul. A 19.95 percent increase in service fees was decided. Electronic full ticket in public transportation increased from 7.67 TL to 9.90 TL. Student ticket increased from 3.74 TL to 4.83 TL. HOW MUCH DOES TAXI hop on and off? On the other hand, the hop-on hop-off fare for taxis, which was 28 lira, was increased to 40 lira. The fare per kilometer for taxis increased from 6.30 TL to 8.51 TL.

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