How much is the dollar rate today? (26 December 2022 dollar – euro prices)


Dollar – Euro how much TL? How much was the dollar rate last? The latest situation in exchange rates in the interbank market.

The dollar/TL, which has been hovering around 18.65 for the last three months, started the week at a new peak level.

Dollar/TRY rose to 18.8390 in the morning and dropped to 18.70 level after hitting an all-time high. Euro/TL is traded at 19.95 level. The Turkish lira lost 30 percent of its value this year. The last month’s depreciation was 1.2 percent. Whether the value changes in TL are permanent and whether they will continue will be followed closely in the markets.

The prominent development for the rest of the week will be the 2023 Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy text to be published by the Central Bank on 30 December. In the relevant document announced at the end of the year, the Central Bank shares a detailed text from foreign exchange buying auctions to Treasury bond purchases to be made by the Center in the secondary market, to open market operations.

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