Google’s most searched jobs in 2022 revealed


Google shared the search trends for 2022. How to be in Google Trends of the Year There were different professions that stood out in the category. Throughout Turkey, people mostly ask “How to be a Private Security?”, “How to Become Gassal?” and “How to Become an Ambassador?” searched for jobs like Salaries were cited as the reason for these professions to come to the fore. Here are the most sought after professions in Turkey…

10 – How to become an actor?
9 – How to become a physical education teacher?
8 – How to become a physiotherapist?
6 – How to become a scientist?
5 – How to become a female soldier?
4 – How to become a Vatman?
3 – How to become an ambassador?
2 – How to become Gassal?
1 – How to be private security?

You can read more in Turkish at NTV Technology