Gasoline and diesel 2022 current prices (April 1, 2022 fuel prices)


While the fluctuation in brent oil prices continues with the Russia-Ukraine war, gasoline and diesel prices also vary with the news of discounts and hikes. Are there any discounts or increases in fuel liter prices today? 17 December 2022 how much is the gasoline diesel (diesel) prices, how much is the current fuel prices? How much is the liter price of gasoline and the price of diesel fuel, how much is diesel fuel?

With the changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange, citizens petrol and diesel pricescontinues to follow. IS THERE A DISCOUNT ON GASOLINE AND ENGINE?

After gasoline, diesel has also increased. The liter price of diesel has increased by 1 lira and 70 cents. The hike, which will be reflected in the pump prices, will be valid as of today. Current fuel pump pricesaccording to; In Istanbul diesel liter The price is sold at 22.8 liras. liter of gasoline On the other hand, it is sold at an average of 18.51 TL.

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