“fixed price” application from sugar producers


The Beet Sugar Producers Association announced that they have started a “fixed price” application in the ex-factory price of sugar until 1 September.

A written statement was made by the Beet Sugar Producers Association (PANŞEK).

In the statement, it is stated that there are 33 sugar factories, 15 of which are public, 12 of which are private and 6 of which are cooperative, in these factories, 2.6 million tons of beet sugar will be produced in the production period of 2022/2023, and this production is at a level to meet the country’s needs. expressed.

Emphasizing that the developments regarding stock planning and the balance of supply and demand were positive in the current marketing year, the following was noted: “Due to fluctuations in world sugar prices, we experienced adversities that disrupted our stock planning and affected supply stability. Thanks to the coordination mechanism established in the sector by our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to ensure its stability, there is no possibility of risk against possible fluctuations in the world sugar markets.


Within the framework of these developments, as sugar producers, we will start a fixed price application on the ex-factory prices of sugar by September 1, based on the current prices, that the fixed price application will also reflect positively on the retail prices, which have been stable for a long time, and we will continue to support our country’s food security and our economy. We respectfully present what we will do to the knowledge of the public and our industry stakeholders.”

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