Doğuş Construction undertook the construction of the metro for the third time in Sofia


Turkish construction companies undertake important infrastructure projects abroad. The last metro project in Bulgaria will also have a Turkish signature. Doğuş Construction undertook the construction of a metro in the capital Sofia for the third time.

Doğuş Construction, which has completed two metro lines in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is starting the third project.

Doğuş İnşaat Deputy General Manager Ertan Yapıcı stated that they will complete the construction of a 6-kilometer section of the project that will contribute to facilitating city transportation. The construction of the 8.43-meter-diameter metro tunnels between the capital’s Geo Milev and Slatina districts, which will take 42 months, is expected to begin at the beginning of 2023 and be completed in the summer of 2026.

The new line will also provide comfort to those living between two important districts in Sofia, where municipal transportation is problematic. Doğuş Construction, one of the flag companies representing the Turkish construction industry in Bulgaria, had previously undersigned the construction of a 35-kilometer highway and a 16-kilometer state road between Karnobat and Burgas cities in Bulgaria.

Then, within the scope of the “Sofia Metro Expansion Project” implemented in the capital, it completed two metro lines of 10 kilometers in total.

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