COVID-19 latest updates: Confirmed cases in US surpass 1 million 263 thousand

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YEREVAN, MAY 7, ARMENPRESS. The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world has surpassed 3 million 820 thousand 736, according to the data released by coronavirus research centers.

The death toll is over 265,000.

1 million 303 thousand 146 patients have recovered.

US is leading in the world in terms of the largest number of infected people (1 million 263 thousand 197 confirmed cases). 74,807 deaths were reported.

Then comes Spain which confirmed 253,682 cases so far. The total number of deaths in Spain is 25,857.

Spain is followed by Italy which reported a total of 214,457 cases. 29,684 patients have died.

UK overtook France, confirming 201,101 cases and 30,076 deaths. With the death toll the UK surpassed Italy.

The next is France with a total of 174,191 cases and 25,809 deaths.

Germany has confirmed 168,162 cases and 7,275 deaths.

Russia is the next, reporting 165,929 cases. The deaths reached 1,537.

Turkey has recorded 131,744 cases. The deaths comprise 3,584.

Brazil surpassed Iran and China with most confirmed cases (126,611). 8,588 people have died in Brazil.

Iran recorded 101,650 cases. 6,418 people have died in Iran from coronavirus.

China, where the COVID-19 outbreak started, confirmed a total of 82,885 cases. 2 new cases have been confirmed in the country in the past one day. The death toll here is 4,633. No death case has been registered in the past one day.

Georgia confirmed 610 cases of coronavirus and 9 deaths.

Among the Arab states Qatar overtook the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the most confirmed cases – 17,972. The death toll has reached 12 in Qatar. The number of infected people in the UAE is 15,738. 157 death cases have been registered here. Egypt reported 7,588 confirmed cases and 469 deaths. In Kuwait the number of confirmed cases is 6,289 and that of the deaths is 42. Iraq confirmed 2,480 cases and 102 deaths. 750 cases have been reported in Lebanon, the deaths comprise 25. Syria’s confirmed cases reached 45. 3 death cases have been registered.

In late December 2019, Chinese authorities notified the World Health Organization (WHO) about an outbreak of a previously unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, central China. WHO declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus a global pandemic and named the virus COVID-19. 

According to the data of the World Health Organization, coronavirus cases have been confirmed in more than 210 countries and territories.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan


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