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COVID-19 cases worldwide close to 5.7 million as US death toll breaches 100,000 mark

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A screengrab of the virus dashboard of the Johns Hopkins University tally of COVID-19 cases worldwide as of May 28, 2020, 9:32 a.m. (Philippine time)/Courtesy Johns Hopkins University


(Eagle News) – Coronavirus cases worldwide hit close to 5.7 million as the United States, the country with the most cases at close to 1.7 million confirmed infections, hit a death toll of more than a 100,000.

Total COVID-19 infections worldwide reached 5,690,951 as of Thursday, May 28, with the global death toll at 355,615, according to the Johns Hopkins University virus dashboard as of 9:32 a.m. (Philippine time)

The cases continued to spike even as many countries implemented plans on easing down restrictions and allowing more movement and opening of business.

-Top 10 countries with most COVID-19 cases-

US had confirmed COVID-19 cases of 1,699,126, and deaths at 100,411.

It was followed by Brazil with 411,821 cases; Russia with 370,680 cases; United Kingdom with 268,619; Spain, 236,259 cases; Italy, 231,139 cases; France, 183,038 cases; Germany, 181,524; Turkey, 159,797; and India, 158,086.

-Top 10 countries with most COVID-19 deaths-

The US is also the country with the most COVID-19 deaths at 100,411.

It is followed by the United Kingdom with 37,542 deaths; Italy with 33,072 deaths; France, 28,599 deaths; Spain, 27,117 deaths; Brazil, 25,598 deaths; Belgium, 9,364 deaths; Mexico, 8,597 deaths; Germany, 8428 deaths; and Iran, 7,564 deaths.

As of the latest data, there is no COVID-19 vaccine developed yet, as scientists from various countries race to find a cure to the pandemic that had killed more than 350,000 people worldwide.

(Eagle News Service)

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