Climate warning from Gates: It is now very difficult to meet the Paris Agreement targets


There are not very optimistic statements about climate change from Bill Gates, the founder of the technology company Microsoft. According to Gates, the target of keeping the average temperature increase below 1.5 degrees in the Paris Climate Agreement is no longer realistic. Another piece of news confirming Gates’ thesis came from England. It is stated that 2023 may be one of the hottest years ever recorded.

Will it be possible to achieve the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement against global warming? According to Bill Gates, this is quite difficult, if not impossible. Because considering the scale of the industrial economy, Gates underlines the need for massive efforts to keep global warming at 2 degrees Celsius this century, and says that even keeping it at 1.5 degrees is no longer possible. It is known that it has invested more than 2 billion dollars in related technologies.

2023 MAY BE THE HOTEST YEAR Another piece of news supporting Bill Gates’ concerns came from the UK. According to the forecast of the British Meteorology office, the average air temperature in the world will increase by 1.2 degrees Celsius in 2023. This may be the hottest year on record so far. Unless policy changes are made, there is a risk that global temperatures will rise by an average of 2.5 degrees Celsius.

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